Modern Corner Store

The [TMC] Modern Corner Store features materials enabled original, custom textures throughout.


  • Windows on two sides (left or right – both versions included)
  • Lots of wall space for vendors and displays
  • Raised central area with pillars for even more display area
  • Skylight to let in exterior light
  • Directional strip lighting (lighting and shadows are provided by the lights, not baked onto the building, so they can easily be repositioned, removed, or extras added)
  • Exterior striped canopies in neutral colours so you can tint them to match your store theme (easily removed or more added)
  • Decorative window boxes (easily removed if you need to save on prims)
  • Exterior panels for logos or other signs
  • Doors open/close on touch (delete the script inside once open if you don’t want them to close)
  • Separate faces for door and exterior panel insets so you can tint them to match your store theme (add glow for a more modern look)
  • Single linkset – no rezzer required

The store features handmade physics and LODs so it looks good from any distance even on low graphics settings.

At the default size of 28m by 28m the prim counts are:

Building only: 101 LI
Canopies: 23 LI (it’s recommended that you unlink them from the building once rezzed as this will reduce their total LI to 20)
Window boxes: 6 LI
Lighting: 15 LI

See the demo in-world. As an introductory promo it’s half price until the end of February on the market place only.

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