Twisted Cloud Hunt

Is the Twisted Hunt too easy? Try the Twisted Cloud Hunt at The Mesh Cloud (store number 14 or teleport to the main store). Find 10 different coloured boxes to win your choice of exclusive hunt themed prizes.

Oh, the boxes move once found. And good luck using area search, camming or teleporting your friends. To see what you’re looking for, the first box is right under the sign at the landing point. That’s me being nice.

If you get stuck, here are some not very helpful hints. You’re welcome!

Black: Patio
Orange: Christmas
Pink: Fern
Blue: Window box
Light Blue: Shopping Bag
Green: Back wall
Yellow: Buildings
Red: New
Purple: Roof
White: Landing point sign

If you get really, really, stuck IM TheMeshCloud Resident not Dassni.


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