Christmas 17 Cloud Hunt Hints

Need a little extra help with the Christmas hunt? Try the hints below to find the clouds that you’re missing. TP to the main store at Penrose to get started. You’re looking for ten different coloured clouds. I’m not completely evil, so they’re all in plain sight on the ground or roofs. None are in the air or under water. Remember that once found the clouds move and you need to be close to them to claim!

White: By the sign to get you started

Red: Roof

Yellow: Buildings

Green: Closet/wardrobe

Light blue: Fire

Blue: Ledge

Pink: Snowman

Purple: Avatar

Orange: New

Black: Rock

Once you’ve found all ten clouds you will be teleported back to the sign at the landing point. Touch it to claim your prize. Once you have chosen your prize add the object that was sent and touch deliver on the HUD to get it. You can complete the hunt as many times as you want to claim all three prizes.

If you’re still really stuck IM TheMeshCloud Resident. She’s my bot and I’ll reply if I’m not asleep. (If you don’t hear back within 24 hours, she crashed so try again).

Happy hunting!

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