Extended License Application

Verified Second Life businesses can apply for an extended license below. This will give you access to certain limited edition products and the original mesh for use in external texturing programs only.

If you have any questions please email themeshcloud@gmail.com or contact Dassni Resident in-world.

The Mesh Cloud Pro Application Form

Do not enter your SL display name. This is the only avatar which will be permitted to sell The Mesh Cloud mesh with their name as creator and the avatar that will be invited to the group so they can make purchases.

If you use an alt for business purposes (for example, the main avatar creates products in their name an alternate avatar sells the products), please enter the name as an alternate. The name will be verified and cannot be changed.
Please ensure that this is a valid email as it will be used to share source files with you.
Only stores with an in-world presence will be accepted.
I agree to the terms and conditions on the license below and understand that failure to abide by the terms and conditions below may lead to the revocation of the license and that procedures may be started against me according the the Digital Millennium Copyright Act

You agree to abide the original full perm license that you received for the mesh model purchased in Second Life.

In addition:

Any mesh models and source files provided to you externally are to aid you in texturing only. They may not be sold or shared as under any circumstances. In particular you may not upload the mesh models to any website or use them in any game (including uploading them to Second Life).

You will attach a prim to the mesh product and set it as root in the link set so your name appears as creator for the product.

You will charge at least the same price for your product as the equivalent copy/mod version of the product sold by The Mesh Cloud.

You may not give away your product as a 'freebie', group gift of hunt prize except as a limited demo.

You must provide a demo of your product free of charge (for avatar accessories and apparel) or have your product rezzed in-world for inspection (for other products). The demo must be no mod and feature either added prims or demo textures which make the product unusable for normal use. Limited time demos which use scripts to derez them are not acceptable as they are easily defeated.

You must notify Dassni Resident via email themeshcloud@gmail.com when your product goes on sale and provide a marketplace link or SLURL to your store.

You must notify Dassni Resident if you close or move your in-world store.

No refunds will be given for any mesh models purchased and this license may be revoked at any time.

We reserve the right to make exclusive products freely available at any time. We will notify you if we do and release you from this part of the license. You will still be bound by the original license for the product that you agreed to in Second Life.

We reserve the right to make changes to this license at any time. We will notify you when this happens.

If you leave the in-world group you will have to complete the application process again.