Christmas Snowman

Realistic snow man, dusted with snow and with frosty icicles. Super low LI at juts 3 LI @ 1.8m high….

Flaming Torches

Includes wall torch, standing torch and brazier. Just 1 LI each! Scripted with access control to turn off flame, sounds…

Roman Statues

Available as copy/mod and full perm. See the demos in-world. Includes two versions: High poly (7 LI @ 1.8m high)….

Halloween Skull

Spooky, stylized Halloween skull. Available as full perm (with textures and UV) and copy/mod with glowing eye effects.  

Fruit Sacks

Low LI fruit sacks and crates with apples, lemons and limes. Six piece set with each piece just 0.5 to…

Roman Vases

Low LI Roman/Greek style earthenware stone vases. Includes 2 models of urn, each in four different styles (dark and light,…

Lion Head Fountain

Fully 3D mesh fountain featuring lion head with animated water spout and pool. Just 3 LI at approximately 2m tall….

Floating Balloons

1 LI floating mesh balloons with (optional) squeaky balloon sounds . Both copy/mod and full perm versions include PSD templates…

Floating Heart Balloons

Perfect for Valentine’s Day and just 2 LI, they bob and float up and down (and make the occasional squeaking…

Industrial Lights

Directional factory lighting. Includes wall and ceiling lamps, three different textures and on/off script with access control. Available as copy/mod…